WelGrace Research Pharmaceuticals

  • Developed WRG-508 ready-to-use formulation, pre-mixed in flexible
    container (market potential : $89 million)
  • Proposed and developed a non-infringing formulation of Argatroban
    injection (market potential: $74 million)
  • Expanded use of Brevibloc injection and franchise with safe formulation
    protected by intellectual property (realized revenue to data: $34 million, US
  • Designed and correlated unique human bioequivalence studies for
    Argatroban injection (reduced development time by 6 months)
  • Launched first generic version of Propofol injection in the United States
  • Granted three U.S. patents and 10 global patents; 5 U.S. patents are pending
  • Contributed to 17 global chemistry, manufacturing and controls   
    registrations, including 2 INDs, 6 NDAs and 9 ANDAs, and numerous
    supplements to existing products
  • Built generic injectables franchise within Ohmeda Pharmaceuticals
For more information, contact:
Mr. George Owoo
President and CEO
764 Porter Circle, Lindenhurst, IL 60046
Telephone  224-372-7918, 908-295-1985  FAX 224-372-7464