WelGrace Research Farms
At WelGrace Research Farms, we believe
a healthy society needs and requires
sustainable, safe food production.
Initially founded in 2004 to address the
need for greater nutritional content,
variety and healthfulness in the
Ghanaian diet, WelGrace Research
Farms today supply fresh organic
vegetables and fruits to the Ghanaian
market and neighboring countries, and
we export selected specialty vegetable
produce to the European Union.

Combining traditional farming techniques, modern mechanized farming tools
and non-invasive, environmentally friendly technologies (e.g., drip irrigation),
WelGrace Research Farms cultivate organically grown specialty
(non-Ghanaian) fruits and vegetables, using seeds from the Pacific Basin,
India, the United States, the Caribbean and Europe. The quality
assurance/control systems we employ pre- and post-harvest help ensure that
our produce is both fresh and safe to eat.

Today, our operations span more than 120 acres of farmland in two rural
Ghanaian villages, Attorman and Domeabra. We have nine permanent farm
employees, including a farm and quality assurance supervisor) and five
part-time employees who assist with planting and daily harvesting activities.
In addition, we work with retailers and shops to host food workshops, stage
food displays and conduct taste testing, to help acquaint local consumers with
new tastes and flavors of non-native produce.
Mr. Jacob Fenning, General Manager
WelGrace Research Farms
AWE/2A, Community 11, Tema-Ghana   
Post Office Box BT 604 Community 2, Tema-Ghana   
Yamoah Junction off Kasoa-Bawjiase Road (Farms)
Tel.  233264-607645; Fax 233 303-306697