WelGrace Research Farms
Principles & Practices

At WelGrace Research Farms, we plan, plant, grow, harvest and pack produce
using safe and responsible irrigation, cultivation, organic fertilization and pest
management practices. Our process of earlier research trails and optimized
conditions results in consistent germination, maximum scalability and
excellent field yields.  

Our track record of success includes:
  • Collaborating with the Crop Research Plant Protection Agency, U.S.
    Environmental Protection Agency and American universities on seed
    evaluation and field trials;
  • Assisting private farms, farmers and the Vegetables Produce Exporters
    Association to understand the low yield of imported seeds; and
  • Completing research trials to validate and bring asparagus, hops, garlic,
    hard onions, herbs, melons, mushrooms, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and
    seed sprouts crops to market.

As an organization, WelGrace Research Farms is proud to:
  • Employ standard operating procedures that are consistent with Good
    Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices;
  • Voluntarily practice Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), a
    systematic preventive approach to identifying potential food safety
    hazards so that key actions can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk of
    the hazards being realized;
  • Offer free land tilling and quality seeds to help improve neighboring
    farms; and
  • Aggressively promote and pursue environmentally non-invasive, locally
    adaptable and efficient technologies within local farming and rural

Moreover, Welgrace Research Farms operate in full compliance with the
guidelines of Ghana Food and Drug Board (FDB), and we are in the
process of been fully certified in accordance with the European Union (EU)
food safety legislation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Code of Federal
Regulations (CFR).

We are open to research and development partnerships with any person, farm
or organization interested in exploring and conducting projects to benefit the
For more information, contact:
WelGrace Research Farms
AWE/2A, Community 11, Tema-Ghana   
Post Office Box BT 604 Community 2, Tema-Ghana   
Yamoah Junction off Kasoa-Bawjiase Road (Farms)
Tel.  233264-607645; Fax 233 303-306697