Welcome! WelGrace Research Group
is a privately held organization of
business units, headquartered in  
Lindenhurst, Illinois. Originally
formed in 1992 as a trading company,
today WelGrace Research Group is
a diversified research organization
with an unwavering commitment to the
development of safe, efficacious and quality pharmaceutical products, and
to the cultivation of high quality, organic  produce around the globe.

Our core values are:
Health: We seek to improve quality of life, promote longevity and
encourage healthy living.

Innovation: We endeavor to continuously offer novel solutions to   
existing products, promote sustainable business growth and enhance the
communities that we serve.

Quality: We apply rigorous internal standards and operate in compliance
with the most stringent international standards.

At WelGrace, we cultivate healthy living.
WelGrace Research Group
    WelGrace Research

  • Practices innovative
    horticultural farming
  • Cultivates and markets
    new and better produce
    for consumers
  • Makes more efficient use
    of natural resources
  • Identifies profitable new

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    organic farming operations,
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    WelGrace Research

  • Expands the variety of
    therapeutic choices
    available to consumers
  • Helps alleviate potential
    side effects and/or
    adverse effects associated
    with medication
  • Enables individuals to
    live longer, healthier and
    more productive lives

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    pharmaceutical business,
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